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Long Term Business Loans – Australia

  • Have big plans for your commercial facility and need longer term lending?
  • Need to invest in large-scale equipment loans to expand your commercial opportunities?
  • Require long-term loans for long-term construction projects?
  • Looking for an option to avoid bringing new investors into your organisation?
  • Loan terms offered on major investments not workable for your commercial cash flow?
  • Want greater control of your capital with longer term loan?

We have the answers! Your comprehensive hub for all aspects of finance for businesses across Australia.

Long Term Loans: Explainer

The key difference between long term loans and the usual loans you source from your bank or non-bank lender is in the title – the term. Most banks and other lenders will have strict guidelines around the terms they offer for loans on various assets – cars, vehicles, trucks and equipment. These terms may be 4, 5 or up to 7 years depending on the lender and the goods.

  • For most acquisitions that is sufficient and allows the repayments to be set at a workable amount.
  • But for some acquisitions and investments, commercial organisation require a longer term to repay the loan. In those situations a long term loan is sought.
  • A loan instrument to facilitate investment in a organisation or the acquisition of large-scale, or high-priced equipment.
  • The term of the loan is usually determined by the working life of the asset being financed, the amount of the loan and individual lender requirements.
  • Terms of up to 10 years and for some purposes, up to 20 years.
  • Fixed loan term so commercial entities can proceed with implementing longer term plans.
  • Secured loan structured with the asset used as collateral.
  • Often attract a highly competitive lower interest rate due to the security being offered.
  • Interest rates negotiated with the lender – may be variable, fixed or a combination.
  • Provide injection of cash flow to allow business to preserve capital.
  • Repayments negotiated with the lender and usually set at a fixed amount payable either monthly, quarterly or at some other agreed timeframe.
  • Provides ABN organisations with long term certainty and may create greater confidence to proceed with expansion and growth plans.
  • Available to most commercial entities – long established large operations and SMEs.

We have sources that provide long term commercial loans to companies throughout Australia.

Long Term Loans: Purposes

Commercial organisation's may have present with a range of purposes for which they require a long term loan. These will vary across different industries but often include:-

  • Manufacturing and engineering industries – to significantly increase the production and output with a major investment in plant, machinery and equipment.
  • Construction industry – to finance the project development, either entirely or for key stages.
  • Investment for ongoing commercial operations and expansion – an attractive option over seeking independent investors which may the pose unwanted risks to the ownership and control.
  • Wages and costs associated with employing more staff to expand the workforce to take-on new projects or expand into new markets.
  • Research and development of new products.

Accessing a Long Term Business Loan

Long term commercial loans may be offered by banks to very substantial and long-term customers but in many cases, organisation need to look beyond the bank to source this type of specialist lending. Knowing where to look and who to approach for a long term commercial loan is the real challenge facing many organisation's. A challenge that we can meet – for your benefit.

We have lenders in our lending panel that provide long term commercial loans. To discuss your requirements with them – ask us! It’s that easy. Send us your loan details and we’ll provide you with a shortlist of lenders that match your criteria.

Connect with us to be connected with commercial lenders that offer long term business loans.

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